Germantown Country Club closes; leaders meet to preserve facility

Members received a letter from the club last month announcing the closure after the passing of both the country club’s owners.

Thursday, WMC5 spoke to a member who is hoping something can be done to keep the doors open.

With Germantown nearly maxed out on undeveloped space, the property is catching the eye of developers and city leaders.

“I just wanted to be here the last day,” Germany said. “One last time. I’ve already joined another club but I was going to play this one the last day.”

Germantown Country Club closing Thursday; leaders meet to preserve facility

"Space inside of Germantown is limited, and I’d love to see us acquire that property for the future growth of the city,” Young said.

During a recent work session, the parks and rec steering committee voted 20 to1 in favor of buying the property.

Some Germantown residents on Twitter would like to see it remain an 18-hole golf course, tweeting "we have plenty of parks."

They prefer a park with open space, multi-purpose sports fields, outdoor dining and socializing areas, trails and greenways, and festival areas.

Thirty-five percent of the club sits in a flood plain, but still, it’s hot property and the city will likely have stiff competition from developers.

“I’m not against housing,” Young said. “We need it. But I would like them to properly utilize it and not build from corner to corner… edge to edge.”

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