Punjabi Heritage Foundation celebrates Baisakhi

A family during the celebration.

Memphis Punjabi Heritage Foundation celebrated Baisakhi, the Punjabi New year on April 21, 2018 in the great hall and conference centre in Germantown, Tennessee (TN) amid fun and frolic.

There were other various regional new year celebrations too, namely Gudi Padwa, Ugadi, Puthandu, Bohag Bihu, Poila Baishakh, and Bestu Versa, around the city.

The Midsouth Punjabi Heritage Foundation (MSPHF) is a not-for-profit community service organization devoted to promoting Punjabi culture, language, education performing arts, good citizenship, healthy life style, and sports in Memphis, TN area.

The regional new year celebrations carry a special significance because of the crop harvest season in India.

The event welcomed newly arrived families to a meet and greet session during the evening. This event aimed to promote the interactions among other associations and strengthen ‘unity in diversity’. The event offered an elaborate Indian buffet spread. A highly decorated banquet was designed with the aim to recreate Punjab where marriages.

The event showcased a range of programmes with performances. The harvest festival was characterised by the folk dance, bhangra and giddha. Tennessee House representative Mark White was also present at the occasion.

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