The real estate market in Germantown

The city of Germantown is located in the Shelby County in Tennessee, being considered part of the Memphis metropolitan area. The town is running on retail and commercial economy, with a big part of the population working in these domains. Other interesting facts about the city are its applauded public services, such as police and fire-department, the low crime rate, the great blooming economy, and the real estate market.

As the city is close to bigger regions, many people prefer to live here, as they can benefit from quietness and peacefulness and also stay close to the life of a big city. Plus, there are several things to visit here, such as the Lichterman Nature Center, the Albers Art Gallery, the Pink Palace Museum, the Dixon Gallery and Gardens, the Sharpe Planetarium, etc. For opera lovers, there is the Opera Memphis, which can be easily attended, and the attraction list can go on. A great thing the town is appreciated for is the good educational system, the school down here being very good.

As you can see, there are several reasons why somebody would like to move to Germantown. From young people, to families and seniors, more and more people are looking for apartments in Germantown TN. The data showed that the housing market has been increasing its numbers annually, and the prices of the apartments keep on growing. This shows that the real estate here is profitable and moving here became quite popular.

Some of the most popular neighborhoods in Germantown are the East Germantown, the Cedar Lake Area, The Dogwood Grove Area, and the Bromley-Foster Ridge-Oaks Area. These are, as it has been showed, the safest and most peaceful neighborhoods somebody can live in here. The prices are quite linear in all these areas, and many people choose to move here.

However, Germantown TN is not actually the cheapest city to live in, but it is all worth it. The average price per square foot was about 100$, which increased yearly. Plus, the medium sale price for an apartment here was around 250.000 $, more than the precedent years. The home selling increased with almost 40% in just one year, which means the popularity of this city is continually and rapidly growing. As you can see, the real estate is developing really quickly in Germantown, and the prices continue to rise every year. If you want to move here, do it quickly, just to save some money on your budget.

Whether the real estate market growth happened because the houses here are really great, or not, something is certain: Germantown is a great city to live in, where anybody can raise their children in a good manner and live a quiet and pleasant life. Choose this place if you too like the charm and beauty of a small and green town.


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