Renting in Germantown: tips and tricks

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The city of Germantown is located in Tennessee, specifically in southeast Shelby County, being one of the six suburban municipalities adjacent to Memphis. It is known as an upscale community, where the crime rate is the lowest and the income per habitant is the highest among cities its size. The city is governed by a Mayor and a Council, who are elected by citizens.

The city has many attractions and good prerogatives. There are many schools in the area, both public and private. The education is very important for the citizens of the city, so the kids receive the best teaching possible. Another good thing about Germantown is its great public services. The police and fire department are the best in the state, trying to keep the people safe and the town peaceful. Among the attractions of the city, there is the Wolf River Nature Area, which offers picnic areas, aquatic plant and animal’s displays. Another main point of attraction is the Fort Germantown, where visitors can find cannon replicas which mark the spot where Union troops build a fort during Civil War.

The economy of the city is mainly supported by the retail and commercial departments, so many people come here to get hired in these domains. With so many things that make Georgetown a good city to live in, the real estate market is developing more and more. Most of the people, who come in town, are young new-comers who are usually looking for rent.

Apartments in Germantown TN can be easily found through real-estate agencies and online. But how do you know you got a good deal? First of all, decide on the neighborhood. In Germantown there are several to choose from. Choose a safe one, by checking the safety issues. Seeing iron bars on windows, then there can be a problem. Also, avoid any area that has graffiti on the walls or alleys. Take a walk around and get the vibe of the neighborhood. Check out if there are any good stores around, compare prices and make sure the public transportation is easy to reach. Also consider things like street noise, privacy, the view and natural light.

Another thing to look for when renting are the schools. Since Germantown has several schools around, which are known to be competent, you will have no problem with that. Also, when signing the lease, make sure it is a long-term one, because the prices get lower when the occupation period is longer. Plus, you will avoid any unpleasant situations, such as the landlord forcing you to vacate the apartment.

Therefore, renting in Germantown is as easy as everywhere else, as the city offers its citizens everything they need. Make sure you read all the tips below in order to get a good lease and be happy with your newly-found home.

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